U bent aanbieder of fabrikant van complete eCommerce-oplossingen? Verkoopt u softwaresystemen met een ERP-component? Dan nodigen wij u uit om deel te nemen aan ons partnerprogramma. Wij bieden u doordachte interfaces en plug-ins, om onze diensten te integreren in uw systeem. Met het B2B-partnerprogramma van Tesch mediafinanz biedt u uw klanten een doeltreffende, online incasso-oplossing rechtstreeks vanuit uw systeem. Door de integratie van solvabiliteitscontroles in realtime kunnen uw klanten zich beschermen tegen betalingsproblemen en zo hun business waarborgen.

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Breid uw businessoplossing uit met de comfortabele services van Tesch mediafinanz. Onze IT-experts informeren u uitvoerig over de mogelijkheden van een samenwerking.
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Vul uw aanbodportfolio aan met onze producten en diensten en bied uw klanten daardoor de best mogelijke service. Onze SOAP-gebaseerde incasso- en inlichtingenmodules kunnen gemakkelijk en snel worden geïntegreerd in bestaande shop- of ERP-oplossingen. Ook u kunt nu uw businessoplossing uitbreiden met de comfortabele services van Tesch mediafinanz en profiteren van het gezamenlijke succes. Onze IT-experts adviseren u graag over de mogelijkheden en voordelen van een samenwerking.

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  • Individuele begeleiding
  • Snelle en eenvoudige integratie
  • Op maat gemaakte systeemoplossingen
  • Betrouwbare partnersamenwerking met faire condities
  • Verhoging van de klantentevredenheid en aantrekken van nieuwe klanten door uitbreiding van uw businessoplossing

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Bent u op zoek naar een individuele IT-integratie voor uw business? Onze systeemoplossingen groeien mee met uw behoeften. Neem contact met ons op.

  • Afterbuy is the biggest German platform for the handling of online auctions with more than 20.000 users. There is a bidirectional XML- interface for the transfer of debt claims to Tesch mediafinanz.


  • plentymarkets is a packaged E-Commerce solution which enables you to organise, control and manage all processes involved in online trading. The solution integrates webshop (B2B/B2B) and multi-channel-distribution, resource management, payments, invoicing, fulfilment, and CRM functionalities in a single software package which also incorporates a large selection of interfaces.


  • Since launching the g*Sales Version 2 users of the comfortable billing-system can transfer their accounts receivables via the SOAP-interface directly to Tesch mediafinanz.


  • Since October 2008 users of the online-billing- services have made use of the services of Tesch mediafinanz GmbH. Easybill-customers transfer their accounts receivables to Tesch mediafinanz via a conjoint interface and they can even obtain credit checks.


  • Ebuero AG is a leading secretarial- and telephone-service provider and guarantees continuous availability of its clients. The company, which has received awards for its services several times, offers its clients use of the debt collection and inquiry- service of Tesch mediafinanz.


  • epages is supplier of one of the Worlds leading E-Commerce Cloud Service platforms. Credit checks and debt management services by Tesch mediafinanz GmbH can be transferred via SOAP-interface in a simple and comfortable manner.


  • is the THE network for private landlords. Here you will find sound advice, news, tools and templates for every area of property dealing: buying, building, financing, letting, owner occupation, modernisation. Whether it is a matter of rental agreement clauses dealing with decorative repairs, the new Drinking Water Directive, or heating costs: More than 90,000 landlords disclose hot tips through our forum and can offer private networking.


  • Gambio offers an efficient full-service solution for onlineshops, which is already in use in several thousand businesses. Next to SEO-friendly programming, great functions and the easy-to-use software, Gambio is convincing through its professional support and that there are no running costs.


  • pixi* is a comprehensive software package for online trading which integrates all processes in a complete chain of processes. pixi* offers online traders the most suitable way of meeting the requirements of eCommerce, a large number of bi-directional interfaces, outstanding scalability and, best of all, extensive automation throughout all parts of the company.


  • TELEXROLL Handels GmbH has been successfully operating as a specialist vendor of office supplies, data processing accessories and printing supplies. The shop system offers an extensive assortment of articles, whereas the shop operator himself can decide which items are displayed in the shop. Any invoices in arrears are directly transferred to Tesch mediafinanz GmbH through the SOAP-based collection interface.


  • SoftENGINE GmbH was set up in 1993 and offers complete commercial organisation services for companies. It provides its clients and partners with truly bespoke software that ensures their long-term success in their chosen market. SoftENGINE offers small and medium enterprises comprehensive solutions for corporate organisation involving CRM, ERP, financial accounting, AnBu, KoRe, PPS, eCommerce and many other requirements.


  • is one of the biggest gateways for the search for service providers in the internet. All users of have easy access to the services of Tesch mediafinanz.


  • The IT law office offers businesses protection packages with regard to legally binding distribution of goods and services. In doing so, the IT law office takes over the individual advice through an attorney for business-websites.


  • The Montabaur Hosting Provider netclusive, established in 2003, offers products and services in all areas of the internet for business and private clients. With its more than 35,000 domains and over 20,000 agreements signed with customers the range of services covers anything from a single domain through complete webhosting packages, dedicated servers, virtual servers, voice servers and internet access right up to comprehensive shop solutions.


  • Inooga Solutions GmbH supplies eCommerce software solutions for online and mail order traders in the book and media trades. INFORIUS is a comprehensive eCommerce product for automated processing of sales transactions. It covers web shop (B2B/B2C) and multi-channel-distribution, trade resources management, payments, invoicing, fulfilment and CRM functionalities, all in a single package.


  • w + h GmbH has been developing software for the second-hand book trade since 1999. With more than 800 clients (whBOOK, Buchfreund, Booklink ...) the company is a market leader for services for the antiquarian book shops in Germany. Apart from key competencies in the area of book trading and the yacht charter industry, w + h GmbH is able to offer specialist solutions, for example for the motor car and printing industries.


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