Recouvrement de créance juridique

Recouvrement de créance juridique

Avec la relance juridique de Tesch mediafinanz se réduit votre quantité de travail en un minimum. Parfaitement renouées à la relance extrajudiciaire, les créances peuvent être juridiquement traitées par nous. En cas de besoin, notre propre service de l'exécution lance aussi la procédure pour vous. Profitez de notre longue expérience et utilisez pleinement vos possibilités juridiques.

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Nous sommes prospères depuis plus de dix ans sur le marché. Jeune, moyenne entreprise ou groupe - nous offrons des solutions sur mesure à vos exigences. Jugez vous-même.

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Vos droits

Le recouvrement de créance juridique est un suivi conséquent, si votre débiteur ne règle pas une créance ouverte. Là, nous garantissons à tout moment une transparence absolue de coûts et seront actifs seulement avec votre accord. Durant la complète procédure se tient continuellement à disposition un interlocuteur personnel du service clientèle.


Vos avantages

  • Moindre charge administrative
  • Transparence absolue de coûts
  • Interlocuteur personnel durant toute la procédure
  • Détachement de prescription imminente
  • Coûts engendrés sont réglés par le créancier en cas de succès

Vos droits en de bonnes mains

Vous avez des questions concernant la procédure de rappel juridique? Nous répondons volontiers personnellement à vos demandes. L'équipe de la mise en application de l'exécution se réjouit de votre appel. +49 (0)541 2029-0

  • "For our subsequent claims management, we trust the experts from Tesch mediafinanz. BillSAFE guarantees complete payment for online-traders, even if a customer does not pay his bill. In order to offer our clients a carefree, all expenses paid vacation- package, an efficient collection procedure, such as the one our partner Tesch mediafinanz is offering us, is vital."


    Dr. Alexander Ey, Founder of BillSAFE

  • "According to our requirements Tesch mediafinanz constructed a specialised collection procedure. Since its implementation Tesch mediafinanz successfully deals with outstanding accounts."


    Alejandro Gonzalez Espinosa,
    Vice President Product, Sales & Marketing, TUIfly Vermarktungs GmbH

  • "The Munich-based IT law chancellery currently advises more than 2,000 online businesses, making it the market leader among law firms in the field of permanent traders care. We offer our clients a highly qualified and holistic service and also expect this from our business partners. The professionalism of Tesch mediafinanz has convinced us right from the start."

    Lawyer Max - Lion Keller
    IT-Recht Kanzlei München

  • "Tirendo is an international eCommerce company that distributes tyres for a number of different vehicle segments. Through its co-operation with Formula 1 Champion Sebastian Vettel, Tirendo has become internationally known. With Tesch mediafinanz Tirendo has gained a reliable eCommerce partner who offers a convincing and reliable service that is professional throughout."

    Arvi Kass, Finance Manager of Tirendo Deutschland GmbH

  • "With Tesch mediafinanz we have outsourced our open payments with a clear conscience. Especially the B2B-sector requires a farseeing approach of each individual case."


    Markus Walber, Managing Director of ViA-Online GmbH

  • "As successful career service provider we set high value on professional debt management. Tesch mediafinanz GmbH was recommended to us by business partners and has fulfilled the high expectations we had."


    Pierluigi Ferrari, Managing Director ecareer Internet GmbH

  • "As initiator of different health-care projects, we have searched for a debt management specialist as partner of our activities - we have found him with Tesch mediafinanz."


    Friedhelm Meier
    Head of Finance and Accounting of EUSANA GmbH & Co. KG

  • "Especially the IT department has proved to be flexible and competent. Tesch mediafinanz established an individual solution for us to smoothly integrate into our workflow."


    Thomas Strohe
    Member of the Management Board of intergenia AG

  • "Our portal supports enterpriser in search of business partners. Our own search for a partner in the matter of demand management was finished at the moment we´ve discovered the Tesch mediafinanz GmbH. In this cooperation not only the practical services, but also the respectful treatment of clients, partners and debtors fascinate us."


    Mario Günther, Founder and Managing Director of

  • "Höfer Chemie GmbH of Sulzbach/Saar has been the number one distributor of specialist chemical products. Its co-operation with Tesch mediafinanz since 2009 has met with every success. We particularly appreciate the businesslike way correspondence with customers is dealt with. Outstanding invoices are collected diligently, but without detrimental effects on our customer relations."

    Manuela Schuch, Head of Collections of Höfer Chemie GmbH

  • "Information about solvency is increasingly important to us. Especially with respect to the soaring demand for tickets with long lasting validity as well as the tendency to purchase via direct debit. We make use of the credit checks offered by Tesch mediafinanz and feel we have a professional, conforming to the law cooperation."

    Hans-Jürgen Jahnke,
    Divisional Marketing and Sales Director of Bremerhaven AG with power of attorney

  • "As an innovative supplier for telephone and office-services we recommend our customers to concentrate on their core business. We also live this philosophy and trust specialised service providers. With Tesch mediafinanz we have found such a professional and trustworthy service provider."


    Founder and owner Holger C. Johnson, ebuero AG