IT - Integration

IT - Integration

  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Compliance with data protection requirements
  • Certified IT security
  • Individual eCommerce solutions
  • Connecting interfaces for shop systems

The more seamlessly a service is integrated into your processes, the more efficient you will perform. We offer a variety of solutions that allow you to make effective use of our services through your shop, your ERP system, or your portal. We will be happy to assist you in making your choice and subsequently implementing the best interface.

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We have been highly successful operators in the market place for over ten years. Whether you are a young or medium-sized company, or a company group - we offer you bespoke solutions.

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Client online system

Our comfortable client online system offers you any and all possibilities, from transfer and management of your receivables through creditworthiness checks or the commissioning of credit information and investigation services. Your personal client online account allows you to view the status of your claims at any time and plan any further steps together with us.


Partner integration

Are you a supplier or producer of eCommerce solutions? You distribute software systems with an ERP system component? If so, we would like to invite you to join our partnership programme. We offer carefully thought out interfaces and plug-ins to integrate our services into your system. Read more about this right here.


CSV Interface

You can transfer outstanding debts to us easily by means of the CSV Interface. Export the relevant data records from your ERP system and upload them through our client online system. Our system will provide feedback without delay on records that were successfully transferred, in order for you to identify and re-process potentially incorrect data. Exporting data into the CSV format is feasible from almost any common software application.


SOAP Interface

The SOAP Interface provides for complete integration of all Tesch mediafinanz services into your shop or your Enterprise Resource Planning system. Based on the wide scope of the SOAP Interface functions any and all services can be tailored to your needs.



It doesn't hurt to ask!

You have any questions concerning system solutions? Our IT experts will be happy to advise:


You may download the necessary documentation and programming examples for our interfaces and plugins free-of-charge.

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