Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Do I need to send you any documents (e.g. invoices and reminders)?

It is not necessary for you to send contractual documents relating to your customer. We shall only ask for such documents if we need them. However, you may use our interfaces to provide additional information that makes collection easier for us and therefore increases the success rate (e.g. a different address for supply)

Why do I need to sign a power of attorney for collection?

Your signed power to collect is evidence that Tesch mediafinanz is entitled to collect amounts receivable on your behalf and to receive payment of debts with the effect of clearing the debt. However, you always stay the owner of such debts.

Must I become a member and pay a subscription to be eligible to use the Tesch mediafinanz collection service?

No. You can register with Tesch mediafinanz free-of-charge. When you register with us and transfer your receivables claims to us for non-legal collection, you run no risk whatsoever. Any costs resulting from non-legal collection need to be paid by the debtor as damages for late payment.

How do I transfer my claims to Tesch mediafinanz?

We offer you several options for this transfer. Depending on the volume of your claims, you can transfer your debts manually through our client online system, you can upload details as a CSV file, or you can use one of our convenient interfaces.


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